Patti Furry, a Berlin-based lifestyle brand for cats, dogs and their owners, is offering a wide range of stylish products.
Made of high quality, eco-friendly and all natural materials, all the products from the company are tailor-made
for the pet owners that want a little more for their four-legged friends.
We are committed to making the world a better place to live in by delivering eco-friendly products.
Patti Furry is the brainchild of Sha, an experienced designer, photographer, and mum to her 8 years old Tibetan terrier.
The label Patti Furry is all about delivering products that our four-legged friends love to use and feel comfortable with.
All our products are designed maintaining stringent quality standards at our studio in Berlin.
Product samples are made following a rigorous process, and these samples are tried
and tested by several cats and dogs, especially our top dog by Pera.
After successful trials, the designing phase comes to an end, and the production starts.  
Made with love